Possibility of an Island


There are three main characters, Daniel, and two of his clones. Daniel is a successful comedian who can't seem to enjoy life despite his wealth. He gets bored with his hedonist lifestyle, but can't escape from it either. In the meanwhile he is disgruntled with the state of current society, and philosophizes about the nature of sex and love. His two clones live an uneventful life as hermits, in a post-apocalyptic future. They live in a time where the human species is on its last legs, destroyed by climate change and nuclear war. The two clones are confronted with the life of the first Daniel and have different views about their predecessor. Scattered around are the remnants of tourist resorts, cities and consumer items and some natural humans living in small tribes without any knowledge of the past or of civilization.


Director: Michel Houellebecq
Stars: Benoît Magimel, Patrick Bauchau and Jordi Dauder,...

Lead Matte Painter

Pictorion - das werk

DMP Landscapes

DMP Landscapes

DMP Landscapes

DMP Landscapes, part and full painted

DMP from Scratch

Fully painted matte paintings matching vegetation and landscape from plate stills.